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Cookies Policy


We use data collection files on our website called “Cookies” that help us in analyzing the website flow, and are necessary for the functionality of the website. Without cookies, certain areas of the website will not function, making cookies essential for the complete operations of the website. Moreover, cookies help us in remembering the users’ information and interests, allowing us to make the website usage more efficient and display relevant content to the users.

Cookies policy is for the visitors of our website, it explains what cookies are and how are they used. Our visitors should read the policy in order to have an understanding of the types of cookies we use, why we use them and how they help us in providing a better browsing experience to our users.


Cookies are small text file placed on the hard drive of the users’ devices including computer, tablet, laptop and mobile phones when they visit our website. Cookies are positioned to make the users’ browsing experience better by providing them personalized and relevant content.

Types of Cookies

Session cookies and Persistent cookies are the two main types of cookies. Persistent Cookies remain on the users devices for a longer period of time or until manually removed by the user. These cookies are activated upon every visit to the website. Whereas, Session Cookies are temporary and are only saved while the users stay on the website. These cookies are deleted as soon as the browser window is closed and the particular session ends. Cookies have the following four functions and can be categorized as below:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies

    are essential for our website to perform basic operations. Without these cookies various parts of the website will not be accessible, leading to the user not being able to experience the complete functionality of the website.

  • Performance Cookies

    are used to collect statistical data of the visitor’s usage of the website. These cookies do not contain personal information and are only used for improving the users’ browsing experience on the website.

  • Functional Cookies

    allows the website to remember the users’ preferences while their visit on the website. These preferences are stored and help in providing a personalized experience to the users, upon their return to the website.

  • Targeting Cookies

    are used to collect information related to the visitors’ interests and display more relevant content in order to enhance their browsing experience. Without the use of these cookies we will not be able to advertise content of the users’ interest to them.

Purpose of Placing Cookies

We use cookies for various purposes. Some cookies are essential for operational and technical purposes where as others enable us to provide a personalized experience for visitors.

  • To speed up users’ future experience on the website by storing information and using it upon their return.

  • To give users a unique browsing experience by tracking their interests and displaying relevant information.

  • To analysis page flow usage of our website, allowing us to monitor and improve our performance.

  • To maintain the security and integrity and allow users to browse secure areas of the website.

Managing and Deleting Cookies

Users can manage or opt out of having cookies by changing the setting in the Manage Cookies Tab on their browser. Managing or disallowing cookies is dependent upon the type of browser being used. By disallowing or blocking cookies users’ may be unable to access certain areas of the website, therefore, it is not recommended in order to experience the website in its complete functional condition.